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What Now for Ethiopia: Risks and Opportunities?

Opinion is currently divided on Ethiopia’s future. On one hand of the spectrum, there are those who believe that Ethiopia is a train wreck, highly...


The ‘Horn of Africa’ consists of the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Out of these four, Ethiopia covers the lion’s share of...

E-Commerce and small and medium-sized enterprises

Recent socioeconomic progress in Africa has occurred in the context of ubiquitous information and communications technologies (ICTs). According to the International Telecommunication Union 2017...

Fine Art of the past, captive treasures of today

“African heritage cannot be a prisoner of European museums.” French President Macron A couple months ago I did something I NEVER do. I saw a...


coin art

cycle wash

Unlocking private-sector funds for sustainable development

The annual funding gap for the Sustainable Development Goals is many trillions of dollars. The only way to close that gap is with the...

Hohe Book Awards announces finalists

HOHE Literary Awards, an annual books award, announces its finalists last Monday after the eight months evaluation of the Judges. Organizing committee made the...

Fighting student drop out

Ethiopia’s school dropout rate is still at bigger level and more needs to be done to make school relevant and accessible to young people...
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Computer use and our Eyes

epiphany game