Thursday 10th July 2014


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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 06:09

The fiftieth anniversary of the Group of 77 + China took place in the South American country of Bolivia last month. The group of 77 + China was established by seventy-seven developing countries in 1964. Its main objective was to advance the general position (trade terms, etc) of developing countries within the world system. Even though the group currently comprises over 130 countries, its effectiveness, particularly when it comes to defending the position of the downtrodden against polarizing trade & investment leaves a lot to be desired!
At the time of the group’s formation, all rounded engagement was naively based on the assumption that southern countries, which were at various stages of ‘development’, have the potential to ‘make it’ just like the developed countries. It was thought the global rat race that goes by the name ‘development’ or more appropriately ‘industrialization’ was a winnable proposition and all countries potentially benefit from it. G-77 + China’s attempt at social and economic transformation (for the majority of the living people), by essentially imitating what happened in the Northern/Western countries has since encountered difficulties that were not sufficiently appreciated at the time of the group’s inception. The un-modulated ideology of industrialization with its ‘catching up’ syndrome (with the West) was unquestioned and operated from behind the scene. In those days the finiteness of resources as well as the multifarious limitations of humans were hardly recognized by many of those vanguard states. For instance, cheap energy (read fossil fuel) was more or less assumed to be there for the asking to fuel conventional development. As many of these countries embarked on the ‘development’ bandwagon modeled after Western experience, the built-in limitations (scarcity of natural resources as well as generalized pollution) began to surface on the global scene, on unprecedented scale!  
Better aware of the situation, the powerful states of the system continued to devise global sub-systems of all kinds, {economic (WTO), political (G-7), judicial (ICC), etc.)}, to secure or even monopolize the world’s finite resources. Naturally, this project has now started to undermine prevailing peace between nations. Outright warfare/coercive belligerence has become (just like before) the favored tool employed to access resources as well as pry open markets. Not many amongst the downtrodden realized the whole development schema was just a gimmick to hoodwink the global beast (human mass), into submitting to the unsustainable/irrational logic of the world system, namely; extraction (natural resources without end), pollution (climate change, oceans’ acidification etc.), exploitation (the wretched of the earth) and polarization (inequalities within countries.) It is this comprehensive challenge the world is now facing, in one form or another!
Sadly, those who have been at it longer (advanced industrialized countries) are not willing to consider alternative and comprehensive social formations/human organizations based on the above obvious limits. The so-called institutions of higher learning, think tank, etc. in the West do not seem to be interested in such issues, shallow pontification aside. In fact, they seem to be quite content in serving the status quo (the life threatening senile system) as learned functionaries and apologetics. Nonetheless, enlightened individuals from all over the world have started to deconstruct the prevailing nonsense and are on their ways to getting their ideas across to the global beast, as it is the one that will disproportionately suffer from the consequences of the system’s hubris!
Refreshingly, some of the vanguard states of G-77 + China are taking matters in their own hands, against all odds! As states go, it is the South American countries and the island states that deserve special mentioning in this regard. Even in the core countries of the system, independent attitude/outlook against the workings of the system is fomenting in various circles. Unfortunately, as we stated above, the major institutions of the world that can effectively contribute to the debate are rendered mute, thanks to entrenched interests’ intransigency!
Be that as it may, rethinking conventional development is a must if we are to prevent chaos and destruction all over. The reigning world order, based on the stupid and insane assumption; ‘there is no limit to growth’, can neither bring peace nor prosperity to the world. Breaking out of this suffocating lunacy is imperative if we are to advance humanly and not continue beastly! "I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Good Day!

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