Sunday 26th April 2015


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Ethiopia establishing new recreation trend PDF Print E-mail
By Helina Dawit   
Friday, 17 April 2015 08:06

Until recently, Skateboarding was practically non-existent in Ethiopia. It used to be almost exclusively known to the elite portion of the society, who has some exposure to international scenes. According to a research done by Board- Trac and Action Watch in 2009, skateboarding fosters a global market worth an estimated USD 4.8 billion in annual revenue with 11.08 million active skateboarders in the world.
Ethiopia has always been,somewhat,of a homogeneous culture in terms of societal norms. In other words, ‘different’ has always carried a negative connotation because it implied a divergence from the cultural norm, and anything ‘new’ was seen as being more risky than enticing. But Ethiopia Skate is changing that common knowledge by introducing and popularizing this new and very popular activity. Add a comment

Easter markets PDF Print E-mail
By Tesfaye Getnet   
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 06:14

Among the big holidays followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox church celebrate every year, Easter is considered as one of the most important one. Preceded by the longest fasting season of the Great Lent, followers fast 40 days to remind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to redeem human being from sin, and they abstain from eating highly nutritious and energy rich foods like meat, eggs, milk and butter on the lent fasting season. But the deserted foods will become the main festive meals for Easter celebration. Oxen, sheep, goats, hens and roosters are the animals that are highly demanded for their meat during this holiday. Other ingredients as onion, garlic, edible oil, and butter are the main items that are needed to prepare tasty, festive dishes. Starting in the beginning of the week, markets are heavily congested with people buying such animals. Add a comment

Ripe time for minimum wage legislation PDF Print E-mail
By By Helina Dawit   
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 06:11

According to the International Labor Office, around 90 percent of countries in the world have legislations that proclaim a minimum wage payment.
Ethiopia is part of the remaining 10 percent of nations that do not have such laws. In the current economic climate of increasing foreign and domestic investments, perhaps it is time to set a price floor on wages. Add a comment



1. Do you think the 4G telecom service recently launched by ethio telecom is better connecting the public?

(584 votes)

35.3%   (206)
61.3%   (358)
3.4%   (20)


2. Do you think the growth of Ethiopia’s economy benefiting the lower class citizen?

(270 votes)

20.7%   (56)
74.8%   (202)
4.4%   (12)

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