Monday 20th October 2014


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Fighting non-human elements … PDF Print E-mail
By Tafessework Wondimu   
Monday, 06 October 2014 08:12

It is no secret that these days much effort is going into all out developmental factors.  One of those factors is the Federal Government’s monumental move into providing housing through massive construction of condos to residents in the various federal states.
If my memory does not fail me, there was one article that I had put up much earlier suggesting that there should come out a kind of regulation on the issue of permanent settlement in the nation’s capital through individuals’ movements. Add a comment

Why are we afraid of Feminism? PDF Print E-mail
By Sehin Teferra   
Monday, 06 October 2014 08:11

Readers of Capital would have seen the excellent coverage of the first session of the Open Talk series held on Friday September 19, at Capital Hotel. Economic empowerment from a gender perspective was selected as the very first 'Open Talk' session organized by RENED Event Management Services. Wz. Zewdie Abegaz, who has decades of experience in the gender field, gave an engaging talk on the status of women emphasizing that gains made in the educational, political and health sectors are insignificant  without economic empowerment. Add a comment

Cooperation or disintegration? PDF Print E-mail
By Tafessework Wondimu   
Monday, 08 September 2014 09:49

Could the UN system be the final arbiter of conflicts any more in a world riddled with and where rivalry, self-interest and greed govern supreme in the inter-state relations of nations?  Could the permanent members of the United Nations’ Security Council continue any length as responsible countries to look after the maintenance of world peace and take on the mantles of supreme powers, as they, themselves, appear to be the perpetrators and sources of human destruction and disintegration in view of what could be seen in the Middle East, and the Arab world? Add a comment




1. Do you think the construction sector in Ethiopia is corrupt?

(26 votes)

42.3%   (11)
42.3%   (11)
15.4%   (4)


2. Do you think Ethiopia will handle the Ebola virus if it enters the country?

(28 votes)

64.3%   (18)
32.1%   (9)
3.6%   (1)

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Name: Teddy Gebregziabher
Education: 12th grade
Company name: Teddy Liquor House
Studio Title: Owner 
Founded: 2003
What it does: Sells liquor
HQ: Kazanchis


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