Tuesday 26th May 2015


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Can Ermias resume his job as chairman of Board of Directors of Access Real Estate? PDF Print E-mail
By Adamu Shiferaw   
Monday, 23 February 2015 06:11

Though I would be happy to see Ethiopian diasporas to return to Ethiopia and undertake business which they think profitable I could not understand the purpose of some media that do repeatedly tell us that Ermias would soon return to Ethiopia to resume his role at Access Real Estate Company and pull the company out of problems it is presently facing.
It is absolutely clear that it is Access Real Estate that has entered into an agreement with house buyers. The Company has its own legal personality different from its share holders, the Board of Directors and the management team or any other employees. The Company has not so far delivered a single room to house buyers, although it agreed to hand over the houses in 10 months time. This means the Company has failed to meet its contractual obligations. This in turn means the Company’s shareholders general meeting, board of directors and the management team have failed too.
How, therefore, can Ermias resume his role as chairman of the Board of Directors of access Real Estate after he has vacated his post for a long time for the reason only he knows? Can the shareholders elect him again or can he simply go to his office and resume his job? Add a comment



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