Five to vie for EFF presidency


The Ethiopian Football Federation National General Assembly will convene on December 24, in Semera and the Election Interim Committee officially announced the five contenders for the EFF Presidential election race. Ato Essayas Jirra and Ato Dagem Molashe are new candidates. They joined the fiercest Presidential race ever in Ethiopian Football history.
Incumbent EFF President Juneidin Basha, former EFF Vice President Teka Asfaw from Amhara, Olympic Committee President Dr. Asheber W/Giorgis from Southern Regional State are the front runners while Ato Anteneh Feleke’s replacement from Oromia Ato Essayas Jirra and Ato Dagem Molashe from Gambela are fresh to the cut throat race.
Though a strong contention is expected to take place among the three front runners, football fans would like to see new blood. “ Juneidin and his cabinet are the worst in Federation history, AtoTeka had a chance but there is nothing to be remembered from his Vice Presidency and Dr. Asheber’s reign was so chaotic that Ethiopia was handed a two year ban from the international stage so the choices are between the lesser of two evils and the other two are unknown and simply there for window dressing.