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What should be resisted and why? And who should resist? Of course, the natural sequel to these is; what should come after the resistance? Understandably, debates on the alternatives have yet to coalesce. But one thing is clear; the alternatives cannot endorse or follow the old ways! Amongst the non-negotiable that should be incorporated in all the various alternatives, we can easily include the two main principles. a) The principle of natural rhythms and limits, particularly as they pertain to the ecosphere/biosphere. b) The primacy of life. Only life is sacrosanct, everything is secondary. c) Anything that goes against the above two principles, directly or indirectly, should not feature in the alternatives. As a corollary to the above, we get the following obvious result: the prevailing stupid notion of non-stop economic growth (on a finite planet) is a definite non-starter!
What should be resisted are all the various derivatives of the prevailing modern world system, as they are diametrically opposed to the above life sustaining principles. The greed system that obtains all over the world today is a result of, amongst other things, fear and lack of awareness about the natural world. The fixation that the world out there is hostile and need to be continuously conquered by humans is passé. This view is certainly outdated in the current geological era of Anthropocene! In the social realm, the existing order, for the most part, perpetuates fear, inequality and conflicts. Consequences are already suffocating humanity. For example, international discourse, almost invariably, revolves around power and domination, under the guise of parochial ‘national interest’. Since modern societies are geared only to the satisfaction of the lunatic (non-sustainable) dogma of non-stop economic growth (which is imposed on all humanity by dominant powers and their institutions, at the service of transnational capital), salvation is only possible by resolutely resisting the prevailing very destructive paradigm!
Besides the obvious problematic associated with seemingly myriad alternatives, there is also the formidable challenge posed by the power that be (TPTB). Not willing to allow any and all reflections to take root across the globe, dominant interests are using all in their power to frustrate the emergence of harmonious coexistence, both within humanity and outside of it! For example, the climate change conferences that take place regularly under the auspices of the UN are mostly to hoodwink the sheeple (human mass) so that serious alternatives will not be forged by the committed! Naturally plenty of the ‘useful idiots’ (educated) do not understand the whole machinations of the ‘deep state’ and have become willing accomplices to the destructive world order. Don’t forget the ‘deep state’, the state behind the formally elected state of the powerful countries do not want to see any development undermining the status quo. Recall our definition of the ‘deep state’. It is the ‘military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media’ complex of the collective empire. The deep state literally sets the agenda for the whole world, insidiously emanating from the institutions of the core countries of the modern world system. The educational institutions, the entertainment industries, including spectator sports, and many other entities/gimmicks that are employed to numb the global sheeple operate under the strict and effective supervision of the ‘deep state’!
Resistance is growing all over the world. See the various articles on page 25 & 44. Resistance should include, amongst other things, civil disobedience. When the power that be is intransigence to logic, reason, ethics, morality, etc., etc., the sheeple has no alternative but to resort to civil disobedience, a la Gandhi! Boycotting goods and services of corporations that are visibly ruining the planet’s life support system becomes justifiable. These creations of greed only understand one thing, profit; ‘they don’t get life’, to use the vernacular of the newer generations! Refusal to bow down to neoliberalism is also growing in the very womb of the beast-the core countries of the prevailing system.
Neoliberalism at the global scale took off during the reign of Margaret Thatcher (UK) and Ronald Reagan (USA) in the late 1970s. Thatcher proclaimed ‘There Is No Alternative’ to the unfettered universe of the market. The TINA syndrome and its consequences, both natural and social, have drastically undermined harmonious collective existence. Unfortunately, neoliberalism still holds sway amongst the global elites and their dying institutions. No matter; we need to discard TINA and replace it with: “TINALT-There Is No Alternative To Life.” Good Day!





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