Smiling-Killer Derartu elevated to EAF Vice-Presidency


The first African woman to win Olympic gold medal Ethiopian athlete Derartu Tulu elevated to Ethiopian Athletics Federation vice Presidency following the election that took place at the national General assembly meeting. Fozia Idris is the from Afar is the other woman that joined the executive body notorious for excluding females despite their world renowned achievements.
Ever in improvement since world all-time greatest distance athlete Haile G/Selassie elected Ethiopian Athletics Federation President as world renowned athlete G/Egziabher G/Mariam his deputy, now introduced a new development steering women’s in to decision making positions. Here comes Ethiopian Greatest ever Women athlete with two Olympic gold medals under her belt Colonel Derartu Tulu taking the vice presidency with a sliding majority of the General assembly while Afar’s Fozia Idris won the election for the executive seat after a two round ballot against strong contender from Oromia Aziza Abdi.
Though the International Athletics governing body IAAF pushed for at least a 30% women representation in each of its subjects yet so many countries including some from the developed nations are behind the bench mark while Ethiopia home to huge number of world renowned female athletes the likes of Gete Wami, Fatuma Roba,Trunesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar and Almaz Ayana ready soon to grace women up to fifty percent. “We have lots of proven Ethiopian women great athletes famous for taking huge decisions at international stages” Haile G/Selassie remarked at the assembly