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Palestine thanks Ethiopia for standing against plan to move embassy to Jerusalem

The Palestinian government, which strongly opposed the US plan to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem thanked Ethiopia and other 14 members of the Security Council namely: Russia, France, Britain, China, Sweden, Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, Egypt, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Senegal for their principled stand and deep compliment to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez, for condemning the announcement of the US President.
Nasri Abujah, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda said on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, celebrated at the Economic Commission of Africa (ECA) on December 12, said peace cannot be achieved in the Middle East without a full sovereign and independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.
“The president of the United States of America did not realize the fact that we Palestinians have a deep rooted history in East Jerusalem: deeper than the roots of olive and orange trees! And Mr. Trump will never be able to erase that fact.”
“Mr. Trump, you based your decision on the facts of Jerusalem for few years, such as the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister office and the Israeli Knesset, to give Israel this right. If you have wondered in the neighborhoods and streets (like Khan al-Zayt, the old city, WadiAljoz and the gates of Jerusalem) you would have discovered that it belonged to the Palestinians.” He added that the recent decision will harm the ongoing peace process.
“This reckless decision sends a dangerous message that will resonate worldwide. It undermines the standing of the international system, including the United Nations. It also tells countries that they can dictate realities by force and violations of the international law. This will unleash a new era of violence and disregard of international law worldwide’’ the Ambassador further added.
Suleiman Dedefo, Director of Middle East at the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia will work with the UN and AU to resolve the dispute among Israel and Palestine.
The international legal and diplomatic status of Jerusalem is unresolved. Legal scholars disagree on how to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian dispute about it under international law. Many United Nations (UN) member states formally adhere to the United Nations proposal that Jerusalem should have an international status.
The major dispute revolves around the legal status of East Jerusalem, while an agreement exists regarding future Israeli presence in West Jerusalem. De jure, the majority of UN member states and most international organisations do not recognize Israel’s ownership of East Jerusalem, which came under its control after the 1967 Six-Day War, or its 1980 Jerusalem Law proclamation, which declared a “complete and united” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As a result, foreign embassies are generally located in Tel Aviv and its suburbs.


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