A state of the art Surgical Center to be inaugurated in Addis Ababa


Samaritan Surgical Center, which will be inaugurated on Saturday, December 16 2017, is a state of the art facility that incorporates the latest surgery facilities, pre- and post-surgery rooms, a diagnostic center and renowned surgeons. The new medical facility will focus on providing sustainable, high-quality surgical care to patients.
The center is connected to the American Medical Center, which currently does not offer surgical services. The first surgical specialty center of its kind in Ethiopia has been established by four founders; Dr. Akeza Teame, Melat Abate, Afework Asgedom, and Frewoyni Alem with an investment capital of 148
million ETB. The opening of the center is expected to create more convenience and an exceptional flow of services for patients at both institutions.
Explaining their intent in opening the center, co-founder Dr. Akeza Teame says, “My wife Melat, and I had formal and informal discussions with outpatients and their families regularly, which gave us a deeper understanding of the concern and anxiety most families have regarding the shortage of adequately staffed and equipped modern healthcare facilities.
Additional information we learned from these heart-to-heart discussions included people’s willingness to pay for quality medical care. Right then, we made a commitment that we will continue to build better healthcare facilities that have international accreditation, one healthcare facility at a time, until such facilities are built in every major city of Ethiopia”.
Surgical services such as arthroscopic total hip replacement (insertion of artificial hip) and arthroscopic knee surgeries – which used to be done by foreigners on medical missions – will be procedures that will be done routinely at Samaritan Surgical Center from now on. The center also boasts the latest diagnostic software and CT scan machine, a centralized oxygen supply system, and an eight-bed intensive care unit which will help eliminate the need to transfer critically ill patients to other facilities.