Mulualem and Dawit talk of EPL week seven


Mulualem Regasa, scored the winning goal in the second half and Dawit Estifanos made his first appearance for Fasil Town since the start of the season in the 7th week of the EPL.
When Hawassa’s head coach, Wubetu Abate, singed the over 40 year old journeyman Mulualem to a 900,000 birr one year contract many thought he was crazy.dawit
However, the disciplined BMW driving Mulualem, scored the winning in the 1-0 victory over Dire Dawa.
“He is not here only as a player but also a model to inspire upcoming talent both on and off the field,” remarked Wubetu after the home win.
Among the highest paid players in the league with a 166,000 Birr monthly salary, the former Ethiopia Bunna, Electric and Diredawa midfielder Dawit Estifanos was expected to make a real difference when he put his signature to Fasil. However the notorious Dawit was stranded on the bench until last Sunday where he appeared in a goalless away draw with hosts Adama. What a disparity between the two players and the two coaches!