No cash no problem


People using meter taxies will have a new way to pay for the fare if they have a Dashen Bank account or use Etta Solutions. The two companies have teamed up to allow customers to pay for taxis with their bank accounts via a mobile application.
Etta Solutions has 125 meter taxis that customers can use via a mobile app or by calling 8707. Last Wednesday they partnered with Dashen Bank to allow customers to pay for taxies through their Dashen Bank accounts via what they call a prepaid ride card.
Asfaw Alemu, Dashen Bank President said the application makes getting a ride easier than ever.
“Our customers might not have money in their pockets when they need a taxi, so this allows them to pay for one without using cash if they have a Dashen account,” he said.
Temsegen G/ Hiwot, Managing Director of Etta Solutions said the application will save customers time and energy.