Addis Ababa tops Group “B”, Medin in chaos


After an impressive 4-1 demolition of bottom feeder Federal Police FC, Addis Ababa took over the top spot of Super League Group ‘A’. They now sit two points clear of aspiring Shere Endeselassie.
Highly anticipated to mount a strong promotion bid Ethiopia Medin (Insurance) appears to be in a free fall sits eighth out of sixteenth place. With only a single defeat and two draws the Capital City flagship Addis Ababa, which boasts five victories in the past eight matches appears determined to return to the top tier next season. Though the 1-0 home defeat at the hands of humble Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) was surprising, the 1-0 away victory over strong contender Sebeta appeared to be the turning point for the club’s strong aspiration to promotion.
The away win over ECWC and Burayu appeared to be a big moral boost for Shere Endeselassie, which got shut out of promotion at the end of last season.
Four wins, two draws and a single defeat in eight matches, Shere is second in the table with 15 points. Even though we are not half way through the season, many Super League followers feel Addis Ababa and Shere are hot favorites to win the group.
With promotion wizard Derje Belayneh in the hot seat and longtime Football Federation bureaucrat Abebaw Kekay the club manager, Ethiopia Medin was expected to return to the top tier this season. However, things have not gone as planned. They have only eight points from eight matches and are nine points off the pace and seven points from last. “The Argentines” will need a miracle to turn things around. Meanwhile, EFF’s decision in favor of former Medin Coach Asrat Haile paying him 200,000 birr for a one year contract, triggered a confrontation between the club and the federation.