Foreign players’ sacking appears order of the day

The latest fashion among Ethiopian Premier League clubs is kicking-out foreign footballers. Less than three months in to the season six players including the former Sidama Bunna Nigerian striker Lucky Sunny got marching orders back home for poor performance and alleged indiscipline.
Arbaminch, which is currently in last place, signed three foreign players under sacked Coach Tsegaye K/Mariam for the first time in the club’s history.
However, two of them have now been dismissed even before the end of the first round. The Ghanaian striker Saidu Bance was discharged at the start of the new season for no official reason.
While despite three goals to his name the Nigerian striker who moved from Sidama Coffee during the winter break Lucky Sunny was dismissed for his poor performance and disruptive behavior.
Of the five foreign players signed by Fasil Coach Mentesenot Getu, who is currently under pressure, two of them, Ugandan internationals: Robert Sentengo and Kristophor Amos Obi have been thrown out of the club.
Back after a failed short trial with Saint George three years ago, Sentengo joined Fasil this current season only to serve nine matches on the reserve bench while Amobi just returned home after signing a contract when he had a successful trial period.
Confederation cup participant Wolayta Dicha also kicked-out the Nigerian striker Hillari Ekina who was signed under sacked MesayTeferi. The hero turned zero Mesay who helped the club to its first ever international fixture signed three foreign players. Ethiopia Coffee also handed KrizistomNetambi a strong letter to reimburse his six month salary improve his behavior or face further action. It is hard to understand how all of these teams are able to not follow through with a valid contract. Of course most of the signings are either under the table or disclosed from the public. Nevertheless things may not end well because the players could appeal to Caf saying their contract agreement were not followed through with. The irony is that there is no one accountable for the mess and spending public money in the name of the sport appears to have no end.

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