Monday, June 17, 2024

New alternative water tankers hit the market


Citrus International Trading Plc has introduced alternative water tankers manufactured in the UK.
According to the partnership agreement that Citrus sealed with Butyl Products Ltd they will begin introducing new tanker products and accessories used for emergency relief, housing projects and other mega projects at their site.
Citrus is well known for supplying water purification tablets called Aquatabs from Medentech Limited of Ireland for home use and for international aid organizations stated that supplying Butyl’s product would be a good opportunity to expand safe water throughout Ethiopia.
Craig Ball, Sales Director of Butyl Products Ltd, stated they are the biggest tanker supplier in the world for aid agencies.
He said that his company has agreed with Citrus because they are trusted by international and local aid agencies as they have been supplying water purification tablets for the last decade.
“We are not new to the Ethiopian market but the deal with citrus will create a better,” Ball told Capital.
He stated that his company has installed a product called Flexigester V80 at the project in the Wukro, Tigray region carried out under a local NGO called Elshadai Orphanage.
The product was installed at the Wukro biogas and fertilizer project.
Ball said that Flexigester V80, which is one of several products Butyl makes, is an innovative anaerobic digestion system that can take materials such as animal manure, unused food, human waste and plants and convert them, over a period of several weeks, into natural bio-fertilizer and biogas.
On Wukro case the product installed to process animal manures into biogas and fertilizer.
On Wednesday January 24 on the event that held at Golden Tulip Hotel the company representatives and officials from Citrus has presented about the product and gave a training for experts that came from different local and international aid agencies, relevant government professionals and representatives of private companies like civil contractors and real estate developer.
Menassie Kifle, GM of Citrus, said that the water tanker product is already installed for a hotel facility at Afar recently. He added that in the coming week the tanker will be erected at the site of Ethiopian Airlines employees’ housing project at Ayat area.
“Some companies and organizations have already shown their interest to use the product since it is more durable, easily installed within very few weeks and cost wise than concrete tanker,” Menassie said.
Ball added that the prices of his products are comparable to similar overseas companies.
Butyl Products Ltd. has been working with global aid agencies, international relief agencies, governments and NGOs around the world since 1965, responding to emergency / humanitarian aid requirements and as part of planned infrastructure development projects.
Butylis specializes in the design, development, manufacture and installation of a wide range of rapid, deployable liquid containment module systems.
Citrus International Trading PLC is a leading import, manufacturing and wholesale distribution company dedicated to providing complete pharmaceutical, household water safety, and hygiene and sanitation solutions to all families in Ethiopia.

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