Dicha continues to excel under coach Zenebe


The emergence of relegation threatened Wolayta Dicha continues under newly appointed head coach Zenebe Fisha as Wolayta is on a five game winning streak under her tenure. Sacking Mesay Teferi despite his eight seasons of hard work was a hard decision because he had built a strong team out of the blue. Yet he only collected 5 points out of a possible 24. Since the change the team has earned 11 points out of 15. The 2-1 home victory over defending champion Saint George was just the icing on the cake.
It was not just a regular home win but a miraculous one. Now Dicha is in eighth place with 16 points out of 12 matches. Man of the match Bezabeh Meleyo’s double strike not only gave the home side a lifesaving three points but also destroyed Saint George’s ten match unbeaten run as well Ugandan goalie Robert Odungkara’s six match clean sheet.
Saint George has an army of the country’s best talent led by a seasoned head coach from Portugal and four foreign players including goalie Robert Odungkara. So the showdown against a recently upgraded assistant coach Zenebe commanding a rookie army of domestic players is a classical David against mighty Goliath scenario. Once again the skinny David led his people to safe passage with a sling.
Many suggested the promotion of Zenebe, who served as lieutenant for Mesay Teferi, made things easier because he knows the players as well the problems in the team. Converting to a four player defensive tactic, an attack minded first half game plan and the motivation he gave for the players to prove themselves to the fans are the deciding factors in Dicha’s historic comeback from a goal down.