Saint George’s Selam Zeray becomes Lucy’s new boss


Saint George and Ethiopian U-17 National team head coach Selam Zeray has been appointed the new boss of the Ethiopian Women’s (Lucy) team. They are getting ready for the 13th African Women’s Cup final qualification and the East African Women’s Championship in Ghana and Rwanda respectively.
The 13th edition Cup final takes place between 26 February and 10 April 2018 in Ghana-Accra. The new boss is likely to call her players to camp mid-February. Ghana automatically qualified as host of the eight nation Cup final while the remaining seven places will be decided during the qualifying rounds.
Saint George is sixth out of ten teams. They have only 4 points from six matches and her tenure as U-17 head coach was underwhelming. Selam’s appointment is being questioned by fellow coaches who believe the appointment did not follow proper procedures.
Lack of consistency is what is Ethiopian Football Federation is famous for. They have forgotten they denied Ethiopia Neged Bank’s Women’s team Coach Berhanu Gizaw the chance to boss Lucy unless the team parted ways with the club duty. However, now Selam Zeray has appeared and is jointly handling the club as well the national team duties.
Selam announced former Ledeta Women’s team Coach Bezuayehu Wada would be her deputy while Ethiopia Bunna Goal Keeping trainer will be Wubeshet Desalegn. Both were with her during her time at the U-17 competition. The coaches will travel throughout the country to watch matches and select players.