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Land Bureau reclaims 150,000sqm of idol land

The Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau plans to reclaim 150,000sqm of fenced land because no construction work has been done on them. The land was given to government institutions and private developers. They are located in 29 areas of the city and will be sent to land banks for future bidding.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs training center was expected to be built in Yeka Sub- City, a planned building by the Social Security Agency in Arada sub city were among the plots that were put in the land bank.
Land given for manufacturing, educational bureaus, and private buildings were also among the reclaimed land plots.
A proclamation which came out in 2011, established time limits for construction on leased land. Consequently there is a limit of 24 months for small projects 36 months for medium sized projects and 48 months for larger construction projects. Small projects can be given a 6 month extension and medium to large construction projects can be extended by one year.
Lease holders can only anticipate receiving the original lease payment with interest, the value of any construction and 5 percent of a lease transfer value should they wish to transfer lease rights before completing construction on the leased land.
Recently the Bureau announced plans to discard the title deeds of 11 fenced plots of land owned by MIDROC Technology Group because they had no construction work done on them in the last ten years. If this is approved by the city and the PM’s office then 54 hectares in Piassa, Mexico, and Kazanchies will be taken by the city.
According to the urban land lease holding proclamation No.80/1993, the lessee can renew the contract if it is not needed for public use. If it is then when the lease is terminated the lessee has six months to hand over the land to the town administration by removing all the property installed on it. If they don’t then the city administration can take whatever is built on the land as well as the land.
Last week Capital reported that the Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau planned to float 101 plots of land in seven sub cities after a six month delay. A new software system, developed by the Addis Ababa Integrated Land Information Center is expected to carry out tenders more transparently.


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