Saturday, July 13, 2024

Command Post says most roads open, some security forces attacked


Defense Minister and Command Post Secretariat Siraj Fegessa said 17 security personnel have been injured in violence in Oromia since the second state of emergency was declared two weeks ago. He said security officers have been stabbed, hit by stones and beaten with sticks by youth opposing the government.
“Some people are throwing grenades, at buildings, government offices and private companies and blocking roads so people can’t get to work. Our security officers are doing their best to control these illegal actions,’’ he said.
He added that almost 90 percent of cross county road transportation is back into full operation. However the route from Addis Ababa– Ambo-Asossa and the route from Addis Ababa to Jima is still blocked.
When the state of emergency was ratified it instructed security forces to take “measures” against those disturbing the peace of the country, with a new special court established to try them.
“What everyone should understand is that we are not getting development, peace, democracy in violent ways. Burning houses is not the solution to the problem. Disturbing innocent people’s lives is not what we expect from people. We may have questions, we may have grievances about the government but we must deliver our issues in an ethical manner so we do not disturb people or end lives. To protect our citizens from danger we will take strict action against those who instigate violence, including arresting them,” he said.
Capital asked Siraj a question  about negotiations between the government and opposition parties here and abroad. He responded by saying
“This government is elected by the people and the only force that will remove it from the chair is our people. We are observing that some people are mistakenly involved in violence by listening to the groups who want the government to step down illegally. Some say transition is the answer and some say discussions with the groups who want to take power though a short cut. We do not accept this idea because we are governed by constitution and all things should be done in the right way.”
“Let me tell you something,  we are better than before, look at our Prime Minster, he submitted a resignation letter weeks ago and not that much trouble has occurred in the country  this shows how the government is doing its job in a good way,’’ he added.
Journalist also asked how many people have been killed so far and if excessive use of force was being used.
He said that the report is being summarized. “We will disclose the total number of lives lost and amount of property damaged when we summarize our report and as to the excessive actions as far as we know many security forces are doing their jobs in a very patient manner even if some people are trying to snatch their weapons. If any security personnel fail to follow the correct procedures we will take action as we have done in the past.”
Though the government said the state of emergency will bring stability to the country some opposition groups have called for a transitional government or dialogue between opposition parties.

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