Women only event offers a relaxed atmosphere for networking and fun


An exciting, unique outdoor event called Venus Festival is scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa on March 17. This unique event puts its focus and emphasis on women. The Venus Festival brings together several businesses that are owned and run by women into one place giving them the platform & opportunity to promote their works to potential buyers.
It supports women entrepreneurs by giving the space free of charge unlike other trade bazaars & exhibitions. Moreover, Venus Festival celebrates women and their independence & empowerment by making the bold statement of allowing only women to attend the event; men are not allowed to enter.
“We wanted this to be a women only event so that the atmosphere will only focus on them and they can enjoy themselves and network with each other in a free relaxed atmosphere,” according to Nahom Belainhe, Managing Director of Online Communications, the company organizing the event.
The festival has four activities attendees can engage in. A shopping zone to buy their choice of artisan handcrafts, jewelries, accessories, leather goods & clothing while also supporting the women entrepreneurs; a food court to indulge over a variety of delicious foods, sweets & drinks; a spa zone to relax and  get pampered by beauty professionals; and lastly a live music to enjoy headlined by women entertainers; DJ and singers.
Initially scheduled to take place annually on the first Saturday closest to March 8, the festival had to be postponed due to the delay caused by getting a permit from the city administration. Venus Festival will take place on Saturday the 17th of March from 2PM till 9PM at The Mosaic Hotel with an entry fee of ETB 100.