Dedebit tops first round, Arbaminch sits rock bottom


New comers Jimma Aba Jifar and Mekele emerged as the surprising stories of the first round in the 2018 Premier League season. However Dedebit FC sits on top.
Ethio-Electric, Diredawa and Arbaminch are trapped in the relegation zone. Getaneh Kebed of Dedebit and Jimma Aba JIfar’s Okiki Afolabi jointly lead the top scoring chart.
There was too much off field drama: postponement of matches, chaotic referral decisions and inferior performance from many of the teams including defending champion Saint George, so the first round ended with little or no entertaining football.
Dedebit is in the driver’s seat with 29 points and 15 goals from 15 matches while surprise packages Jimma Aba Jifar and Mekele rub shoulders in second place separated by goal differences. AbaJifar has 25 points and six goals while Mekele has 25 points and four goals.
Despite boasting incredible fire power Saint George and Adama are in fourth and fifth place with 23 points each, also separated by goal differences.
Ethio-Electric is struggling to survive with 14 points at the 14th place. The new boss Ashenafi Bekele who is taking the helm is signing new talent.
Simon Abay is coaching Diredawa which is currently 15th with 13 points and Arbaminch stood at 16th place at the bottom. They both will need miracles to stay afloat in the upper tier.
Despite being suspended for four matches, Dedebit’s Getaneh Kebede still is in control of the top scoring spot but he is sharing it with Jimma AbaJifar’s one man strike force Okiki Afolabi. They each have nine goals. Adama’s emerging target man Dawa Hutesa and Electric’s Ghanaian striker Alhasen Kalusha are tied for second place with seven goals each.