Employers’ confederation established in Ethiopia


The Ethiopian employers’ confederation will be established by five existing federations in order to promote the interests of employers by lobbying the government on national policies, practices and standards on labor, employment and related socio-economic issues.
The five federations are from the Hotel, Small and Medium Enterprises, Water and Sewerage services, Amahara and Addis Ababa employer federations.
The president will also be elected in the general meeting which will be carried out in three weeks.
The Employers’ Confederation will be expected to foster a working relationship with the trade unions and promote joint representation to government in areas of mutual concern in the Labor Market.
Decisions and functions will be exercised through consultation with the membership. The members are represented at federation and the confederation will be responsible for formulating policy, approving the budget and electing the members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, led by a president, oversees the implementation of policy and considers other issues as they arise.
The confederation membership includes employers in the private and public sectors – including state Coops, the local authorities and employers’ associations.
It will provide a forum for employers to promote sound industrial relations and observance of fair labor practices.
It will also advocate, endorse, and defend the interests of employers. In addition it will support good management practices and develop sustainable institutional capacity and competence among its members.
During a press conference last Tuesday, Fiteh Weldesenbet from the Hotel Employers Federation said research and vast discussion will be conducted to help companies improve.
“Many companies have been established in the country but we don’t have a strong association to formulate policy and to conduct research for the employers so we established the Federation to represent their interest both locally and internationally. We want to provide information to inspire the development of Ethiopia,” he said.