Menyamer out; Seyoum Kebede to take over Mekelakya


A 4-0 drubbing at the hands of leading Dedebit appeared to trigger the sacking of little known Mekelakya head coach Menyamer Tsegaye.
Seyoum Kebede was the former coach of the National team, Saint George and Addis Ababa City.
Mekelakya had just three wins, six draws and six defeats and collected only 15 points from 15 matches; meaning they are only one point clear of relegation.
In his first year with the team taking over from Belete Gebrekidan at the start of the new season, Menyamer appeared to be incompetent as there was inconsistency, irregular line ups and lack of strategy. Many felt the firing should have happened sooner.
Mekelakya has a storied history with numerous titles and trophies. “Being the only team without foreign footballers is not a good reason for the young coach’s poor result,” a critic suggested.
Currently with Super League side Sebeta, the former Saint George defender turned Coach Seyoum Kebede has embarked on the sinking ship in time to boss it to safety. Seyoum’s 21 points in 12 Super League matches to sit 5th in the 16 side table might not be impressive but he has a lot of experience in the Ethiopian and Yemen leagues.
The former Ethiopian national team, Ethiopia Bunna, Ethio-Electric, Diredawa and Fasil playmaker Dawit Estifanos is joining the team on a three year contract, Mekelakya under Seyoum is due to sign new players for the second round.