Wolayta Dicha goes through a rebuild


In quest of further adventures, Wolayta Dicha has been shopping for new players like there is no tomorrow while cutting ties with two foreign players; Nigerian goalie Emanuel Fevor and defender Masama Aselmo from Chad.
The team is coming off an impressive run after its first international games. They beat Zanzibar’s Zimamoto and then won in inspiring fashion, 2-1 over one of Africa’s giants Zamalek. Head coach Zenebe Fisseha said that the foreign players, who had only played in one game out of ten, were not disciplined.
“Both are playing at the expense of local talent, which I believe causes huge damage to our country’s football,” Zenebe suggested to reporters. “I don’t think many of the players from outside are better than the local boys,” he added.
Zenebe signed two players from Arbaminch: striker Yonatan Kebede and Tadios Wolde each on a one year contract. Famous winger from the Super League side, Wolkite, who did not play with Sidama, Tsgaye Balcha and the former Adama central defender Wondwosen Bogale joined the team nicknamed ‘The Tona Bees’ on a one year loan agreement. Three more players are expected to join Zenebe soon. He is known as a player’s coach as one player said, “his motivation and team building has inspired us.”