Under contract players hard to just throw away


Football fans are busy arguing whether the arrival of foreign footballers in the Ethiopian Premier League has improved the nation’s football.
There seem to be more and more foreign players every season. How they parachute in here is as guarded as a national security issue.
Fans  are sure to encounter additional foreign players in the second round. Now, however, clubs are starting to kick out foreign players when they underperform. This has included   Uganda striker Robert Sentengo, Nigerian Christopher Amos, Chadian Masamo Aselmo and Nigerian duo Emmanuel Fevo and Philip Dawzi. It may be negligible considering it is less than ten players out of 52 foreign players  at the start of the season. Very few details are known about how exactly these players are cut from the squad despite having remaining contract periods.
Most experts agree that the players either are entitled to be paid their full salary remaining on their contracts or could appeal to the Ethiopian Football Federation or Caf secretariat. The players would definitely collect their dues thanks to the international law of contract.
It is because of the football fans’ pressure and questioning that clubs opted to kick-out the players that are underperforming. However there is a lot of money involved but the situation regarding foreign players seems opaque.  It is unclear why the Federation does not disclose the amount of transfer money since all teams except Saint George, Ethiopia Bunna and Dedebit are financed by tax payer’s money. The bizarre situation starts from there.