Friday, April 12, 2024

Feker Bottled water to increase production by 50 percent


Feker Natural Spring Water which started producing bottled water three months ago in Gurague zone, announced that it would increase production by 50 percent in the next fiscal year.
Currently the company produces 24,000 bottles per hour, but that number will soon increase to 36,000 bottles. Feker Bottled Water plans to soon offer its products in three liter bottles when their new machine is installed. Feker sources its water from the Gurage Mountains 207 kilometers south of Addis Ababa; it comes in two, 1.5, and 500ml bottles. The company has invested 180 million birr.
Tesfaye G/ Hiwot, CEO of Feker Bottled water told  that production increase will create one hundred new jobs. “We are waiting for the new machine to double production this doesn’t require any additional space. It will serve more customers and add additional labor from our current 214 workers.”  “We are committed to helping people lead healthier lives as water is surely the best way to fulfill daily hydration needs. Our goal is to provide families in Ethiopia and all around the world with an affordable and convenient daily healthy hydration solution.”
He added that the company plans to export their product after completing a study.
“ The local demand is very high and we are working at 67 percent capacity of production. First let’s meet the local demand by adding a new machine and then we will look at the export market.’’
Fiker Natural Spring Water is  produced by OK Bottling & Beverage SC.
This water is among one of the 57 products that are listed under those that have meet compulsory standards, with the bottlers having to pass through an inspection by ECAE. So far 32 have been certified, according to an official at the ECAE.
The company is deducting two cents per bottle to help needy school children.

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