Business Chamber launches e-directory


In an attempt to modernize the way businesspeople communicate, the Ethiopian Chamber of Sectoral Associations (ECSA) has launched its first e-directory.
One of ECSA’s several missions is to make it easier to for businesspeople to network, especially in the manufacturing sector.
Now anyone in the world can access the e-directory, and hopes are this will attract new business partners.
“The e-directory was developed to promote business partnerships here and abroad by availing basic business information from the industrial sector in Ethiopia to everyone,” a representative of the Association stated.
“This will be an advantage for Ethiopia’s business community,” the association said.
“Now the speed information is made available determines the pace a country develops,” ECSA said in its statement.
The e-directory was made possible through financial assistance from the Ethiopian Competitiveness Facility and Cavalink Event and IT Solution PLC.
“Unlike printed directories, this product allows new member data entries, updating existing data, and a range of advertisement options for companies to display their products to international viewers,” Association officials explained at the launching event held on March 29 at Magnolia Hotel and Conference Center.
The electronic industrial directory is a mobile application downloadable from ECSA’s website ( It can also be downloaded by using ‘play store’ on Android phones.
Under the national sectoral association there are 27 sub sectoral and 11 regional sectoral associations included. ECSA is working to boost the manufacturing industry in line with the government’s policy.