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Top Water rolls out new product line

Abebu Dinku Water Bottling and Non-Alcohol Beverage Factory has introduced a new bottled water product.
At a ceremony held on Thursday April 12 at Elilly International Hotel the company launched its Top water brand.
During his opening speech Abebe Dinku, General Manager and owner of the factory, said that his company would do well by supplying high quality products.
“To do that we have installed our own plastics factory, and a state of the art lab equipped with latest Italian technology,” Abebe said.
Abebe said that his company is one of the few that produces its own water bottles.
Soon they will install a second production line at their factory, increasing their capacity and turning them into one of the biggest bottled water producers.
The factory has obtained its machines from the global Chinese company Newamastar, which specializes in machine installation in bottled water production plants.
The production process at Top Water follows a very careful process. It is tested during various production steps and is never touched by humans, according to Tewodros Eshetu, Production and Technical Director of the company.
So far the company has installed a bottling machine at the industry located in Tatek, Gefersanono (Burayu), Oromia regional state, 18kms northwest of Addis Ababa, with the capacity of packing 18 thousand bottles of water per hour.
Tewodros said that Top Water employs the latest technology to control its production quality to the utmost level which is a stark difference from most in the industry.
“The fact that we produce the bottles along with their cover avoids shortages and ensures the quality of the water,” Abebe explained.
The company has invested more than 273 million birr to establish the factory and produce Top Water, which is sourced from a spring in the Aegedu Highland. Currently the company employs 147 people and that number will increase when they finish the expansion. After the expansion, the company will be able to produce 42 thousand bottles of water per hour at its 11,000sqm compound. The water will be sold in five sizes including a 20 liter jug.
During the ceremony company officials also talked about corporate social responsibility.
Shimeles Ajema, sales manager of the water company, said that Top plans to drill at least four water wells in places suffering from water scarcity.
“We have accomplished an adequate study to implement this by deducting 0.2 cents from every water bottle. We will have a sales of 67 million bottles of water per annum which means earnings of over 1.33 million birr, so that covers the cost of four wells,” Shimeles explained.
According to company experts, top water uses environment friendly technologies and a method to recycle the water bottles. The company they have plans to install plastic bottle collection sites in Addis Ababa.
Soon the company plans to make other products as well.


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