Jaco, Bezabeh and Haimant: triplets on the move to Egyptian league


Most of the deadly strike force that helped Wolayta Dicha to go through the first round of the African Confederation Cup qualification eliminating one of the continent’s biggest sides, Zamalek, Jaco Arafat is to leave his team at the end of the current season following a new contract deal from Egyptian side El Entang El-Harbi while strike partner Bezabeh Meleyo and mid fielder Haimanot Worku are under the radar of Egyptian clubs as both have landed a trial option for two months each.
The hard working striker is one of the few successful foreign players in the league.  The former target man from Togo,  Jaco Arafat’s huge contribution in both games against Zamalek earned him a chance for a one year contract with El-Entang. Though things appeared a done deal with El-Entang, the probability of joining Ethiopian striker Oumed Oukri at Samoha is said to be a likely option.
His two goals against Zamalek turned him into an overnight hero for  Wolayta Dicha, Bezabeh Meleyo is also under the radar of the head hunters from the Egyptian league.
Impressed with the current performance of team skipper at Petro Jet Shimeles Bekele and Smouha goal getter Oumed Oukri, the Egyptians appeared to fall in love with Bezabeh who always appears at ease when the ball under his leg. “I am very excited to be noticed let alone getting a chance for a two month trail,” remarked Bezabeh to reporters.
In his very first season with Wolayta Dicha, the former Hawassa midfielder Haimant Worku is becoming more mature every day. His impressive performance at the two international matches have meant that he is probably destined to North African football if he does well during the two month trail at the end of the Ethiopian League season.