Mesay back to action with Fasil; Dereje leaves Medin


Former Wolayta Dicha head coach YonasTeferi is back to action after three months with Premier League side Fasil.  Ethiopia Insurance (Medin) and Derege Belay have parted ways after less than a year. After nine years of service, and the only coach known to WolaytaDicha since the team was founded ten years ago, Mesay lost his miraculous touch this season to nose-dive Dicha to the relegation zone and thus a bitter yet right decision from the club officials occurred. They replaced  him with long time assistant Zenebe Fissha. After four months self-meditating Mesay was called to Fasil to take over the hot seat from GettuTemesegen who had been at the pulpit for two half seasons. Famous for building a team from home grown talent and working under a tight purse, Mesay is expected to make a miracle with the Gondor based outfit aspiring for strong title contention.
In the meantime Super league side Ethiopia Insurance showed the way out to Dereje Belay renowned for his promotion streak with both Sebeta and JimmaAbaBuna.
Considering his past adventure with AbaJifar and Sebeta many expected Dereje to help Medin get promoted to the upper tier after five seasons in the woods. But things appeared to be out of reach for Dereje since Medin is tenth in the Super League Group “A” with 18 points from 15 matches and has no hope of promotion at the end of the season. A disagreement over a contract extension is said to be the reason for  the departure of Dereje from the Medin the side credited for producing so many big name players including GetuMelka, Abiy, MekbebYerdaw, Abdi Said, Abraham Bisrat and others.