EFF executive Abebe Gelagay blamed for interference


Ethiopian Football Federation executive member and one of the most influential personality in Juneidn Basha’s cabinet, Abebe Gelagay is blamed for meddling in referral matters and disciplinary measures taken by the officials. “He is a major setback on Referee-Players’ relationship in the field.” remarked international arbiter Dawit Asamenaw.
This is not the first time the former Member of Parliament and current EFF executive Abebe Gelagay had been allegedly blamed for interfering in Ethiopian national team selection when the former Coach Ashenafi Bekele was at the helm. At the time Abebe appeared in public to deny the allegation at the same time clarifying the situation that his role as Organizing Committee chairman was simply in support of the Coach in building a stronger national squad.
This time the allegation came from international referee Dawit Asamenaw who told reporters that Abebe’s interference is rather too strong even some players undermining referee’s red card decision claiming that nothing could come out of it. “When some players got red card they brag on us on the spot that our decision would be turned down soon. How come a player suspended for four matches could be back in to action the next game” remarked Dawit. “The man behind these humiliating deeds is Abebe” Dawit added.
Dawit is not the only one who blamed individual interferences contributed for the current chaotic situation surrounding Ethiopian Football. According to Federal Assistant referee Markos Tufa there are times when red card decisions turned down without the knowledge of the concerned body and in many occasion Clubs’ complaints simply thrown away. “I believe there is some corruption behind these arms twisting of referees” Assistant referee Markos suggested.