EFF Presidential and Executive election date set for 3rd June 2018


The five member electoral committee and the three member appeal committee have already been in action as of 5th May 2018. They are involved in important undertakings including the final election date, which  has now  been confirmed. With new Presidential and Executive candidates expected to come along during the time frame for the whole process to be  revealed.
The Ethiopian Football National General Assembly took place on the 5th of May in the presence of all 122 voting members and Fifa representatives from Botswana. Of the eight candidates five were voted in to the Electoral Committee membership with a Sport Science Management Degree under his belt Aschenaki Lemma was bestowed the chairperson position. Engineer Getahun Hussein, Hiwot Adane, Mohammed Nur Abdulkerim and Ibrahim Adem are members of the committee shouldered with the most important task of the election that is confirming individuals qualified for the Presidency and  executives.
The three member Appeal Committee also geared up for anything abnormal in the process of the election. Lawyer Shiferaw Amenu collected the highest number of votes and took the chairmanship along with Obang Halaba and the only former footballer Gezahne Lemma.
Once the Committee formed it kicked-off its duty at roller-coaster speed setting schedules for all important events including the election date that is 3rd June 2018. Submitting names of presidential and executive candidates, evaluating candidates’ legibility, entertaining complaints worth appeal, announcements of the list of final candidates are the electoral board’s back breaking under takings ahead of the much anticipated the 3rd June election date. The sport family of Ethiopian football is waiting for the climax surely cross handed.