How did Zirintusa, Konate and Kennedy go home?


Ugandan international Boban Zirintusa’s parting with Ethiopia Bunna without even a single game to the club is something that took everyone by sheer surprise. Tenth in the table with 27 points Sidama Bunna also parted ways with two foreign players.
The involvement of French head coach Didier Gomes all through the transfer saga starting from the scouting makes Zirintusa’s departure different. The 26 year old former Polokwane City mid fielder joined Ethiopia Bunna at the start of the league’s second round fixtures yet never touched the field donning the Brown Shirt and months after having a good time in Ethiopia he went back home for good. What a blessing could have been for an Ethiopian upcoming player to have that chance of months of trial under a French trainer. Zirintusa flew home with hundred thousand if not millions in his pocket while title hungry Ethiopia Bunna are dwelling sixth in the table with the crown far from sight. What a waste?
Sidama Bunna also kicked-out two foreign players for lack of competency and good sportsmanship. Among the highest paid players in the league Ben Mamadu Konate of Equatorial Guinea and team mate Ghanaian Kennedy Asia joined the team since the start of the new season yet hardly were in service until their departure in mutual consent. Kennedy appeared a starter in only two matches and in some games at the bench while Konate got chances early in the season but was side lined for months due to injury and decline of performance.
Despite a number of warnings given to both players they failed to respond thus newly appointed head coach Zeray Mulu showed them the way out. “I am sure it will give us a big lesson for the future and it is painful to deny a chance to young talent,” Zeray remarked. Though Sidama Bunna is a team under the mayor’s office that spends a lot of tax-payers’ money neither the signing bonus nor monthly salary is concealed to the public. This raises the following questions: Did they give back the money they collected? Is there any article clearly defining the parting of two parties? How come they simply shook hands and went home despite being under contract? These are miseries not only in two or three sides but thanks to the Federation a routine among all teams in Ethiopian Football.