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Asheber W/Giorgis’ resignation remains a mystery


Despite having a track record as former Ethiopian Football Federation President and leading the country to a two year ban from Fifa/Caf, the current Olympic Committee President Asheber W/Giorgis was the leading candidate in the long overdue EFF Presidential election.
Incumbent President Juneidin Basha ’sfive year term turned out to be the worst ever administration in the country’s nearly a century football history and the former Vice President TekaAsfaw’s nonappearance to the public, many anticipated Asheberwould be the clear favorite for the second term.
However, owner to chain of Dental Clinics Asheber’s sudden announcement of walking out of the controversy filled Presidential election took the sport family by sheer surprise. “As far as I know he was the only active campaigner for the presidency and things appeared to go his way when Fifa/Caf interfered in the election process. I believe he has done a good job at the Olympic Committee and why he changed his mind at the eleventh hour is a mystery.“What a waste of time and money,” suggested one ardent supporter.
“I am not sure the federation is well prepared for real democratic election. Though I knew it from the very start, I stood my ground since the regional federation and the football family has a strong belief in me. It pains me a lot to watch not only the decline of the football but also Ethiopia’s image marred in such ways,” Asheber remarked.
Though the newly elected electoral and appeal committee kicked-off its duty vigorously, the controversial resignation was the dominant head line story. “Why all that waste of time, energy and money,” asked one that followed the election seriously.

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