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Electoral Committee announces Presidential candidates

The controversial Ethiopian Football Federation electoral committee announced a three candidate short list that is legible for the coming Presidential election. Three would be candidates Engineer Tsedeke Yehune from Addis Ababa, Engineer Chol Bel from Gambela and Ato Tesfaye Kahesay of Tigray have cancelled out of the race.
Fearless to stand in front of the football faithful public that he let down in his four year term, Ato Juneidin Basha is the front runner for a second term. Critics were taken by shocking surprise when Diredawa endorsed Ato Juneidin who as the President of the federation responsible for everything that went wrong from Players’ discipline to inferior referees, poor organization and the downslide of the country’s football.
The former Vice President also in the eyes of the critics had done nothing significant except raising finance for the 31st African Nations Cup final Ethiopia’s participation is a Presidential candidate from Amhara. Ato TekaAsfaw. He is considered the one that might challenge Juneidin in the Presidential election. “Teka’s chance is slim for Juneidin can better exploit the bureaucracy,” suggested a critic.
According to the critics’ suggestion Ato Essayas Jira from Oromia has little chance to seize the Presidential seat since he was almost an unknown figure before the current election turmoil started some eight months before. “It is the devil’s alternate,” remarked one critic.
The young and energetic former Ethiopia Bunna executive Tesfaye Kahesay was cancelled off the list following the Tigray region’s withdrawal of its endorsement while Engineer Chol was pushed off the election for submitting the necessary documents fifteen minutes past the deadline. “All of a sudden fifteen minutes became more important than the agenda at hand. Imagine a document to be thrown out for arriving from Gambelia 15 minutes late. It is a huge foul,” Engineer Chol told reporters.
Addis Ababa’s Presidential candidate Engineer Tsedeke Yehune owner of the successful Flint Stone Homes Real estate company who finances a number of sport activities was rejected for currently being the Chess Federation President because the procedure forbids an individual to serve in two federations. It now became a standing joke that the electoral committee does not love engineers for they might be denied a chance to join engineering college while young.
The  appeal committee will hear a complaint from Gambela and Addis Ababa, but regardless the Fifa/Caf final election date is set for 3rd June 2018.


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