The White Line Between


A solo exhibition by Leikun Nahusenay was officially opened at the Alliance Ethio Francaise on Monday May 21. The exhibition dubbed ‘The White Line Between’ will be open until June 9.
Leikun Nahusenay was born in Addis Ababa in 1982. He primarily identifies himself as a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. Nonetheless, he completed his art degree from the Ale School of Fine Arts (2006) and Teferi Mekonnen School (2011). He has been working as a full time studio artist for the last 17 years.

Leikun uses different media in his work, including photography, painting, collage and sculpture. Texture is an important feature throughout his art. You will often find multi-layered pieces that give the viewer a sense of depth that stimulates creativity and imagination as s/he enters into another realm. Not touching his art is a real challenge!
Currently, Leikun is working on exploring the use of carton, its different structures and colour shades that appear through pealing this seemingly plain material.
Leikun believes that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Through his work, he wants to show the viewer that experimenting is key to creating a new and better reality. His art stimulates people to keep on doing ‘mistakes’, to let go of the need to be perfect and feel free to choose for themselves.