Sunday, September 24, 2023


People and traditional political parties are going their own separate ways, so it seems. Why? Politicos pontificate about all and sundry during election campaigns only to end up delivering next to nothing, once voted in. Increasingly and more importantly, these parties have become insincere/superficially committed to their own avowed principles & policies. Blatant disloyalty (to the collective electorate) defines the very temperament of modern politicos! What then do they respect? It seems their allegiance, more than anything else, is to the throne of monopoly capital and its downstream institutions! The people be damned, is their unstated slogan. Establishment politicos reckon what people want/demand is not actually good for them. As far as they are concerned, it is prescriptions from the citadels of monopoly capital that must be honored before anything else!
The Bretton Woods, BIS (Bank of International Settlement, the central bank of central banks), EU, WTO, ECB, and many other subsidiary entities of the global inter states system form a formidable collective, which is able and eager to thwart almost all major alternatives coming from the global sheeple (human mass)! Even in the advanced industrialized countries of the west, this trend has become a dangerous frequent occurrence. The PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) have been under the direct diktat of the above institutions since the last global economic crisis. New initiatives by committed citizens of the respective countries were not allowed to form part of the economic restructuring process. For instance, the Greeks even though they voted to power a far left government, (by western standards) they were not allowed to have their desired policies. They were told they will be forced to leave the EURO as well as the EU (Grexit). The slightest attempt to reform economies outside the logic of monopoly capital will be shot down immediately. The finance minister of Greece had to resign and go back to teaching, lest the proposal of the maverick professor becomes an inspiration to other suffering nations.
Italy lost a quarter of its manufacturing capacity since it joined the EURO. Unemployment is very high and thousands of young Italians flee the country monthly. To add insult to injury, Italy’s demographic is not in tune with the prevailing greed system. Italy is depopulating, i.e., its population is in decline. There is nothing wrong with that, given the finiteness of our planet, but the stupid global system that is based on continuous growth has no clue as to how to deal with this positive reality. The Italian sheeple is now fed up about the ongoing economic regime and wants change. To this end, the Italians voted to power non-traditional parties who find themselves at opposing sides of the political spectrum. The ‘Five Star Movement’ (M5S) leans to the left while the ‘Lega Party’ leans to the right. As we have been saying all along, the traditional classification of ‘left’ and ‘right’ has become literally invalid. Extremes entities are joining at their ends to form a circle of political discourse whose articulations tend to emphasize nationalism (old right), workers equity (old left) and the new agenda of planetary health (both right and left). Traditional political differentiation is becoming increasingly superfluous!
The two new Italian parties are, first and foremost, anti-establishment. This is the crucial commonality between them. These parties, even though they have their own differences, have agreed on a coalition government whose economic policies will concentrate on the well being of the Italian Sheeple. This implies a slight subversion of the Brussels’ diktat. For example, one proposal of the coalition is to have an alternative currency, besides the EURO to be used for domestic purposes. Obviously, this caused the rejection of the coalition government by the president. The president refused to bless the government, unless the 82-year-old economist (eurosceptic), who proposed the idea of a local currency is dropped from the position of Ministry of Finance. This refusal by the president of Italy clearly demonstrates the real power behind many of the nation states of the modern world system. Those who are benefitting from the current arrangement (Brussels, Germany, etc.) were not willing to accept the new initiative, as this will be a stealth devaluation, which might spur economic activities outside of the EU mandated universe. Of course, this was a no-no and the prospective coalition government had to go back and rework its cabinet positions. See the articles next column, on page 44 & 46.
As the existing global system moves from one crisis to another, radical changes, likely to be accompanied by increasing violence, will become inevitable. The problems with the various global systems are now obvious. What is chronically lacking is enlightened leadership to stir the global sheeple into action, with a view to install a more resilient, a more democratic, a more egalitarian world system. Our reigning politicos should revisit the old saying: “You can fool all of the people some of the time or you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln. Good Day!





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