Saint George: chasing the title without a strike force!


Saint George will need better luck to reach their dream of an unprecedented five straight titles as their team looks more like a hospital ward. The recently signed Ghanaian striker Richard Apiyah travelled back home to look for fast medication following a serious knee injury.
The bad omen appeared strong on the front men for three of the all-out strikers are laid out of the fierce title contention unusually crowded with no less than four sides including new comers Mekele and Jimma AbaJIfar. Both teams are aggressively campaigning for a dream title in their first season at the upper tier while Saint George will battle out of every single encounter including four derby matches.
Back from nursing a long injury Pinto’s number one choice Salhadin Said appeared only in two matches before sustaining an injury that aggravated the previous one so he is out for the season.  Meanwhile Amara Maale is out with a serious knee injury.
Apiyah’s injury in the game against Electric where he scored his debut winning goal was not expected to be serious but weeks later it turned out severe. Adane Girma’s red card was almost a death sentence to Pinto therefore Saint George  is campaigning for a championship title against sides with strong strike forces amongst them leading top scorer Okiki Afolabi of Jimma Abajifar.