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Out of the blue Essayas Jirra voted EFF’s new President


Essayas Jirra of Oromia emerged as the Ethiopian Football Federation surprise President following the climax of the long overdue dramatic Presidential election. Unpopular Juneidin Basha denied a second term after walking out of the re-run election while former Vice President Teka Asfaw lost a majority vote.
The primary voting was a close run among three of the four candidates with Essayas pulling together  66, Teka collected 47, the outgoing president Junedin claimed 28 votes while late comer Tesfaye Kahesay managed only three. But for the regulation of a 50+1 vote in order to win the election, Essayas managed a land slide re-run victory securing 84 with Teka finishing second amassing 58 votes.
First degree in Biology and more than twenty years as Sport official at different positions including Jimma AbaJIfar Club President, Essayas had been relatively unknown figure until the chaotic situation raised some eight months back. Considering what energy and time the front runners Juneidin Basha, Teka Asfaw and Dr Asheber W/Giorgis wasted in the election campaign for the past ten months Essayas joined late in to the election as underdog.
However with a dramatic turn around that left frustrated Junedin and Tesfaye walking out of the re-run, the people’s choice Essayas Jirra took the mantle as Ethiopian Football Federation President for the coming four years. “We need to work together in order to bring change, success and bring something big in the country’s football.” Essayas remarked after the historic victory. “I believe in team work and ready to work with everyone willing to achieve our common goal” he added.

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