New wine in Old bag EFF Executive members’ election


Despite nationwide strong wind of new ideas, new blood, change and energy is blowing, Ethiopian Football Federation General National Assembly chose to act hear-nothing, see-nothing situation electing a ten members executive body mainly from the old school that had been at the very center stage of the decline of the country’s football.
Many who learnt lessons from past experience are speculating that the incoming executive body is worse than the outgoing one. Since that is what Ethiopian Football history lesson teaches, even the optimists opted for the wait and see situation. Football fans are questioning, what really is their ground that made individuals battling for the leadership of one of the weakest and poorly run Ethiopian Football.
Not more than five among the 22 candidates that has a firsthand experience as footballer or a success story in their individual carriers. Yet a war like campaign was going on for nearly a year and here comes the ultimate result that is an executive body dominated by old timers. Nothing better a show case than the voting out of former national team player later national coach who won Cecafa trophy on foreign land Asrat Haile better known Goradew.
Nevertheless the election took place in Semera, Afar and the ten member executive body including the vice president is now official. Former Dedebit FC founder and president Colonel Awol Abdurahim is the Vice President as well as member of the executive.
The one and only women Sofia Almamau, 31st African Cup qualification hero Sewnet Bishaw, Abdulrazak Hassen, Chan Gatcot, Ibrahim Mohammed are the fresh members of the executive body while former parliament member Abebe Gelagay, Alimirah Mohammed, Zerihun Kekebo and Yosef Tesfaye are for their second four year term as cabinet members.