Tiret Corporate wins Women’s lower league trophy


Two fixtures to go in to Ethiopian Women 14 sides’ 2018 lower league season, Tiret Corporate won the championship title as well securing an automatics promotion to the upper tier. Four teams to go up the ladder while two teams to relegate from the ten sides’ upper tier.
A 2-0 victory over strong title contender Addis Ababa Ketema, Tiret Corporate not only won the season’s championship trophy but also booked a promotion to join the ten sides’ seniors’ league in the coming new season. Nineteen wins, three draws and two defeats so far in the campaign, Tiret leads the 14 teams table with 60 points from 24 matches and 41 goals. Considered the best organized and well financed side in the league, the champions are highly praised for their balanced team that scored 50 goals while conceding only nine.
Second in the table with 47 points from 23 matches Arbaminch Ketema should have done better in its away match against home side Fasil Ketema. But over confident visitors settled for a 1-1 draw thus an early championship title to rivals Tiret Corporate. Arbaminch also booked an automatic promotion to rub shoulders with the elites next season.
Under achiever Addis Ababa Ketema stands third in the table with 45 points from 24 matches and looking just for two points from the remaining two matches to promote to the upper tier. Fourth in the table with 41 points Ethiopia Bunna also missed the chance of closing the gap after throwing away two points settling for a goalless draw against lowly side Tirunesh Dibaba Academy. The home side Tirunesh Dibaba is sixth in the table with 38 points while Ethiopian Youth Academy stands fifth with forty points. The battle to take the remaining two places will be among Bunna, Tirunesh and Youth Academy is in anticipation.