Friday, July 12, 2024

Bank robbery suspects caught


Abyssinia Bank, Bole Medhanealem Branch was a target of robbery on Tuesday June 12, at around 6:00 PM, when the bank is being closed.
Four suspected robbers rushed their way in to the bank and left with two money bags that is estimated to be over five million birr.
The robbers then raced their car, which is a 2004 Toyota Vitz, towards Bole Medhanealem Church. However the robbers were involved with two accidents behind the Church. When they try to drive the car, the car got stuck in the middle of the road.
Four of the passengers got out of the car and scattered away leaving the money in the car.

However two of them were caught instantly but the two managed to fled the area. Communication department of the bank also told Capital that the other robbers were caught on Wednesday June 13.
The money in the car was also caught and is returned to the bank.
Police apprehend some of the employees of the bank for questioning.
Bank robberies are rare events in Ethiopia.
Last week the bank unveiled its new brand and logo with the aim of upgrading to a brand that can express well the bank.
Established on February 15, 1996, BOA started its operation with an authorized and paid up capital of 50 million birr, and Birr 17.8 million respectively, and with 131 shareholders and 32 staff.
In two decades since its establishment Bank of Abyssinia has registered a significant growth in paid up capital and total asset.

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