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African Hotel Show promotes research, convention center


Over 120 hospitality companies participated in the sixth African Hotel Show which opened last Thursday.  The four day-long event was organized by Ozzie Business and Management Hospitality Group. Businesses which service hotels and major hotel operators themselves such as Radisson Blue which presented its five year plan for Ethiopia were treated to presentations on cutting edge research and trends in the hospitality sector.
The Oromia Region President delivered a speech through his representatives saying this show can really help promote tourism in Ethiopia while at the same time exposing people to new ideas and giving stakeholders a chance to network.
Founder and Managing Director of Ozzie Business and Management, Kumneger Tektel said “We have seen encouraging outcomes which enhanced the overall capacity of local business by introducing the  latest international marketing activities, new business procedures and trends, thereby equipping local tourism industry players with a  diverse and sustainable international tourist market base.”
However, he commented that the country could alleviate the  hard currency shortage by helping the hospitality  industry, particularly by establishing a National, Convention and Visitor Bureau to promote Ethiopia as a meeting hub.

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