Ethiopia launches education quality improvement program


Ministry of Education has launched today a General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity (GEQIP-P) that will be implemented from 2018 to 2022.
Beefing up internal performance efficiency, equitable access, improved quality, strengthening human resources in general and quality of education in particular are among the priorities of the program.
The program will cost 450 million USD, of which 350 million is loan and grant from World Bank as well as 100 million USD from UK, Norway, Finland, USA, and UNICEF.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Deputy PM Demeke Mekonen said this package is different from the previous package because it is result oriented and can improve the quality of education.
“We have to work relentlessly to improve the quality of education as we need competent human resources that sustain the Growth and Transformation Plan,” he stated, adding that “the financial support from development partners must be properly utilized.”
All education officers at different levels, teachers and parents have responsibilities in undertaking this endeavor to bring about change, he urged.
Education Minister Tilaye Gete said the emphasis made thus far on expansion of education will now be turned to quality.
“In the next five and more years, the investment will be on mainly quality rather than expansion both at lower level and higher institutions,” he affirmed