PM office forms committees to investigate conspiracies being committed to deter ongoing reforms


The Prime Minister office announced the establishment of committees to investigate the conspiracies being committed to deter ongoing reforms in the country.
According to a statement issued by the office today, the committees will bring perpetrators to justice once the investigations are completed.
Two people were killed and more than 150 others injured in a hand grenade attack at a public rally held last Saturday to show support for the reform agenda of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).
In addition to the bomb attack, there was a power outage and network connections were unavailable on that day to disrupt the rally, the office said in a statement.
It added there are also organized attempts to cause economic harm, create an inflation flare-up and disrupt service delivery of public enterprises.
The office said the committees are working in collaboration with various bodies to bring conspirators to justice.
The office finally called on the public to cooperate with the committees for the success of the efforts being made to bring perpetrators to justice.