Wubetu Abate front runner for national team coach


Ethiopian Premier League former champion Wubetu Abate is said to be the front runner to be the latest national team head coach. Criticisms are already coming in saying the vacancy announcement is a readymade dinner jacket for Wubetu who is currently in charge of Hawassa.
The vacancy announcement itself is much criticized for being as usual full of jargons that really need not be included to select the right professional for the right place. One of the requirements is having ten years of experience as a Premier League side coach. This is said to be unnecessary for the individual could be successful in five years yet be short of fulfilling the minimum requirements. “If the vacancy is for England national team Guardiola is not fit to be appointed for he is in his second year with the team,” A sport commentator suggested. “Even with former national coach Sewnet Bishaw member of EFF Executive body, the announcement is an exact copy of the past three or four executive bodies,” he added.
Though Hawassa is currently seventh in the league table with 34 points not far from relegation zone, many appreciate Wubetu for building an entertaining football playing team. A Premier League title champion with Ethiopia Bunna, the former Adama and Ethiopia NegedBank Head Coach Wubetu has two years experience with a Sudanese side thus he is said to fulfill the requirements to win the appointment ahead of any other contenders. Premier League leader Gebremedin Haile, strong title contender Mekele boss Yohanes Sahle and relegation threatened Arbaminch head coach Tsegaye K/Mariam are the other expected applicants for the vacancy.