Lucy takes part in the five nations Cecafa championship


The long overdue East African Zonal Women’s Championship kicks-off on July 19th 2018 in Kigali. Including the host nation Rwanda there are only five participants thus the championship to be decided in one round fixture. Ethiopia takes Uganda in the round opening match.
With the postponement coming again and again many participating nations were frustrated about the zonal championship hardly to fetch a host nation. Nevertheless a nation in the form of Rwanda popped out announcing the one week event to take place in Kigali as of the coming Thursday comprised of five nations in a one round format.
The opening day brings together the hosts Rwanda against Tanzania while Kenya takes on Uganda. Ethiopia entertains Tanzania on day two on 21st July then taking to a head on clash against Rwanda on day three. The match against Kenya scheduled for day four while the final match against Tanzania on 27th of July. The nation that collected the highest number of points is to crown champion.
Since the staging announced out of the blue Ethiopian national women’s team Lucy are just called to camp in a double. A month after losing out to Algeria in Nation’s Cup final qualification matches, a twenty three delegate Lucy under the command of head coach Selam Zeray are expected to land in Kigali late next week. The last time Ethiopian Women national side under Head Coach Meseret Manny returned home with bronze medal finishing third out of the Participating ten nations.