Andiye Zergaw


Name: Andiye Zergaw

Education: High School Diploma

Company name: For Your Style Platinum Men’s Suits

Title: Co-founder

Founded in: 2008

What it does: Sells men’s suit

HQ: Bole, Robel plaza

Number of employees: 20

Startup Capital:   100,000  birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To change myself

Biggest strength: Knowing  my work

Biggest perks of Ownership: Managing my self

Plan: To open a suit factory

Biggest challenge: Hard currency

First career: Private business

Most interested in  meeting: Nobody

Most admired person: P.M. Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Stress reducer: Going to church

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Emegua

Favorite destination:  Rome, Italy

Favorite automobile:  Toyota