CBE revamps its ATMS


CBE has been installing improved ATM, automated teller machines software since last Sunday which means faster transaction service.
The bank started the customer data migration and updating of the machines, according to Belihu Takele, communications manager of the Bank. The procedure took a week to finish updating the 800 ATMs out of the 1,700 machines in existence took a bit longer than expected due to technical failures.
The new software is loaded on the bank’s servers to manage the card related services.
Customers whom Capital talked with expressed frustration over the service interruption during the transition.  Belihu said that the bank would have warned its customers if it knew the delay would happen.
“The change in the switch was being done with a project which will enable improved and additional services,” Belihu told Capital.
Long rows, both at the ATM stations and cashiers windows, were observed and customers were forced to spend hours waiting to withdraw cash.
The bank which currently holds 4 million cardholders conducts 400,000 transactions through its automated machines in Ethiopia according to Belihu. The bank has more than 16 million depositors in 1,240 branches withholding 510 billion birr worth of assets.
The 75 year old bank loans 437 billion birr and currently has 50 thousand staff.