Ethiopia repatriates 3,000 citizens in 3 months: official


Ethiopia has repatriated 3,000 citizens stranded in foreign lands during the last three months, a government official said.
The citizens were repatriated from the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Djibouti, and Sudan, Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesman Meles Alem told local and foreign media.
Meles said since the administration of new Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed came to office in April, efforts to protect the rights of Ethiopians living overseas has achieved notable successes in repatriating undocumented nationals residing in foreign countries.
Ahmed’s reconciliatory gestures and efforts to build consensus during his 100 days in office has seen Ethiopians living in foreign countries return to their home country to be part of the reform process Ethiopia is currently undertaking, the spokesman said.
Despite a growing economy and public awareness campaigns by the Ethiopian government on the dangers of human trafficking, thousands of Ethiopians looking for better economic opportunities are trafficked annually to Middle Eastern, African and European destinations.
Many of the Ethiopian migrants face abuses by smugglers and other criminals, including sexual and physical violence, during transit to their final destinations.