OLF declares temporary unilateral cease fire with Ethiopia


The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has declared a unilateral cease fire with the government of Ethiopia.
In a statement issued, the Front said “the OLF had for years repeatedly called for a peaceful and negotiated settlement of political problems with Ethiopian government. We have also recently and repeatedly reiterating this call for peace talks.”
However, it said “the OLF’s call for peace did not get proper response for a long period of time.”
According to the Front, the recently Oromo Liberation Front higher delegation led by OLF Chairman meeting with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr Abiy Ahmed is a step forward to resolve the existing political problem.
In order to accelerate the initiated peace talks to a successful conclusion, the Oromo Liberation Front has declared a unilateral cease fire, it said.
“The temporary declaration of cease fire will take us to the final declaration of bilateral cessation of hostilities once for all and conclusion of the conflict,” it stated.
According to the statement, the Oromo Liberation Front instructed its army, operating all over Oromia, to implement the temporary declaration of the cease fire.